US South West on film

The first thing I did really when coming home from our roadtrip through the South West was to develop the film we’d been shooting. I thought I’d share some with you.

The first night in LA we obviously went out and had tequila and made out with 21 year olds. Because that’s what you do.


In Venice, being as original as one can be. Sara is approaching instagram husband level 100 real soon.


Remember to appreciate any photo where your subject can’t look into the camera cause the sun is too bright.


Sara and I at 5.30am in Yucca Valley, next to a Yucca tree how convenient.

Postcard from the three hikers of the Grand Canyon! It was so breathtakingly beautiful that everyone whispered as if they were scared it would all fall apart if they spoke up. Honestly you’ll never ever get it if you don’t go. So go.

She got so exhausted from her intense 30 minute insta scroll in the Grand Canyon Village hotel lobby she passed out in the backseat on our way to watch the sunset from a little cliff overlooking the whole canyon.

Nicole in the middle of nowhere.

Hola El Paso! The town of drunk college students, chilaquiles and rad store signs.

We paid $1,50 to walk across a bridge for 10 minutes and suddenly we were in Mexico! In Ciudad Juárez to be exact. It used to be the most dangerous city in the world in 2010 based on its homicide rate, but is now all the way down on a very chill place 20 on the list. No problemo. We had a real good time.


U guys bored yet? Okay cool. Here Sara and I are in a lovely garden we found in Marfa, TX. Marfa was awesome. Go there.


Nicole looking like she just left her boring husband to go on and live her damn life the way it’s supposed to be lived.

The ladies embracing the humidity of Austin.

After a horrendous dinner served in the ‘ballroom’ of our pit stop resort somewhere in Louisiana we passed out and got up early to drive to paradise. New Orleans. Nicole is clearly loving it.

Hate this place!!

Saw these dudes play at Vaughan’s which is where I want to die, while dancing to Nola brass/funk with a cold beer in my hand and sweat dripping from my forehead. Just like this night.

Went to Jazz Fest and will never be the same.


Nicole dancing in the streets of Nola is my mood for the rest of this summer and that ends this never ending update.

Brb just gonna save up and do this thing all over again.