Hi! I'm not dead, I've just been living life and kind of forgotten about this place for a week. Sorry about that. I honestly can't even remember what I've been up to? Except for Friday when I put on a camisole and pretended it was July and not December. Covered up in fur though, so don't worry. As for everything else it's kind of blurring together as Christmas is getting closer. I can't wait to go home and get some time off. 

But for now it's Monday and I'm just about to leave the office to go meet up with friends in East Village. We're grabbing beers at St Dymphnas. Just because it's Monday doesn't mean you have to go home and dig a grave and hide from the rest of the week.

Talk to you soon! <3


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Thanksgiving wear

Hey! Here're two photos of me from Thanksgiving wearing a new blazer and old jeans.

Blazer is from H&M (got matching pants too!!!), jeans are the usual vintage Levi's, chain from the hardware store around the corner and sheer long sleeve top is from & Other Stories. 

Spent the night eating tacos and drinking Coronas, because who cares for turkey anyway?

Upstate weekend

Monday today. It was rough to get back to work after a long weekend of nothing but pure bliss. But I managed and now Monday is over which is always a great thing. Let's take a look at a bunch of photos of Nicole and I being in our natural habitat. 

On Friday morning I met up with my little ray of sunshine in downtown Brooklyn to pick up our car. After we've purchased an USB chord for 20 bucks so that we could play music in the car and later realized that we could've just used one of our chargers, we felt like it was time to leave this money sucking city behind. To the tunes of Fleetwood Mac and Rolling Stones we cruised up north for 2 hours.

We got to the house, that is Nicole's family friends', and poured ourselves some whiskey first thing. Then we had hundreds of kilos of cheese and crackers and fig jam while talking about how to play our cards right with the boys we're making out with so that we're both guaranteed to get a New Years kiss. I'm trying to set Nicole up with a hot model who she could have really cute British babies with, but we'll see how it goes considering I don't even know him. But I'm confident I can wing my ass off and make it happen.

Then we made dinner and ate it in front of Gilmore Girls (the new season is out and it's so WEIRD) with a bottle of red wine. After almost falling asleep on the couch we got a new boost of energy and we ended up pouring up more whiskey while dancing to Abba in the kitchen till early morning.

On Saturday we woke up and had breakfast for hours before driving up in the mountains. Dressed in the most appropriate hiking gear we got muddy while making our way up to a beautiful waterfall. But clearly, I was the main attraction.


The feeling of being out in the woods, breathing fresh air and hearing the birds was almost a bit overwhelming. You almost forget that there is a world outside of New York City while you're in it.

Look at this???? Come on Earth.

We asked some dude to take a photo of us and this was as good as he could do. Somehow managing to crop both half our bodies and 90% of the waterfall out. At least we have our creepiest smiles on <3

After hours of nature we drove back home, stopping to buy cigarettes on the way because you can't be too good, and made a delicious dinner. Drinking wine, watching Glee, playing some scrabble. Like our true 70 year old selves. 

And Sunday morning it was time to drive back home to the city. Both of us felt like this. 

Such a nice way to spend a weekend, away from all the hysteria. Although I gotta say, driving back into the city felt like coming home.


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One jacket, one weekend

This weekend I bought myself a furry soft jacket that will keep me warm for... not that much longer, because it's not that warm. But it's very pretty so it was worth it anyway. I didn't take it off all weekend.

On Friday night I went out with Sanna and got drunk because she was moving back to Sweden the day after. I can't even write about that because I miss her so much already. Anyway. Märta took this photo of Sanna, me, Alvin and Martin that I think represent the night pretty well. I realize now that I'm not wearing the jacket, most likely because I'd already managed to spill some pina colada over it...

Had a hungover from hell on Saturday, but made it out anyway. The jacket made things much better. I walked around Williamsburg, ate stuff and then gave Sanna one last hug before she went to the airport. And then I went to Bed Stuy to eat Mexican with Nicole and Emma. We fell asleep watching Skam before I took an Uber home in the pouring rain. 

And then it was Sunday and it was cold as fuck. This was the day I learnt that this jacket is not my winter jacket. But even so, I put on a million layers and made it up to Beco to eat some eggs for brunch. 


Then Nicole and I went into the city to try on some denim at Metropolis. After a few hours of freezing our asses off we went back to Brooklyn and warmed up with red wine at Enid's. Sara joined us too and all of a sudden it was 9.30, we were a little drunk and the weekend was over.

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The taste of single life (or something less sexual)

I was watching Sex and The City the other day. The episode when Carrie goes to therapy and realizes that she chooses the wrong men. Or rather, is told so by her therapist. It got a little too real for me when I watched it, since lately I’ve come to terms with that I am Carrie. It’s disturbing, because she’s fucking annoying, but I see more resemblance for every episode I watch. The difference between me and Bradshaw though is I have way better self-perception than her and don’t need to pay 350 bucks to have someone with a fancy Ivy League degree tell me I pick the wrong guys. This is something I’ve come to accept about myself over the last couple of years. I’m legitimately self destructive and to play with fire (aka my own emotions) is my favorite hobby. I mean I guess we all have a type, right? Some are humans who actually treat you with respect and kindness. Mine are tall brunettes that are bad on paper, but good on photos. Some call them assholes. I like to call them… challenges. But they’re really funny though! Most of the time.

My latest challenge is a musician who from time to time tends bar around Brooklyn. A few weekends ago, after having eyed him for hours as he poured up beers, I scribbled down “I think you’re really fucking hot” followed by my number on a dirty napkin and gave it to him. A little surprised, yet extremely satisfied with myself, I got a text the day after from him complimenting my forwardness. Or okay, he said I was sexy and that what was written on the note was a lovely discovery. He’s probably the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen, which makes it really hard for me to be rational here, but he seems like a fun dude. However I am aware of the fact that he’s most likely bad fucking news, but I’m convinced that it will be worth it. Mostly I feel like I owe it to my 18 year old self who never got laid to pursue this soon to be heartbreak.

It ain’t easy. Not being attracted to good guys. Nice guys. Guys who care about me. Imagine how great my life would be if I were? No worries, no disappointment, no sitting at home staring at my phone while waiting for them to text. Just kidding. I don’t do that. Just sometimes. Honestly though, is there something wrong with me? Here I’ve been thinking my childhood with two loving parents and one annoying little brother in the vanilla suburbs of Stockholm had been a healthy one. But did something go wrong somewhere?

Then again, I’m only 24 years old. When my mom was my age she was about to push me out. And I have to say, as much as I respect my mom's life choices and love that she is young and will be around for much longer to nag me about my bad posture, failing economy and lazy manners, that’s pretty depressing. Aren’t I supposed to have fun and sow my wild oats while it’s still somewhat acceptable by society? Because that’s the thing, I do enjoy seeing these Challenges. They’re fun. They’re easy. And you know what? So am I. I find being a young single woman really difficult from time to time. It's not something that’s encouraged or supported. Not even by ourselves. As soon as we meet someone who would be a great guy to just have fun with, we tell each other to be careful so that we won’t get hurt. It’s pretty fucking annoying in my opinion. Why aren’t we telling each other to be careful to not hurt the guy? Cause there's a risk we might.

Just look at Carrie, whom I’ll now accept as my new spirit animal, she crushed the heart of the perfect man. In case you're not following; Aidan, because some people tend to think he was the perfect one. But he wasn’t for her. So she cheated on him with a Challenge. In case you're not following again: Mr. Big, the challenge and love of her life. It might have been going a little overboard, but we all know Carrie would never not choose to be dramatic. And still, it’s a pretty fair point to my argument that some women are not into "good guys". We’re into challenges. And it’s not about picking the wrong men. It’s about breaking the notion that all women are looking for the same thing.

So... Why don't we stop feeling ashamed? For having slept with many men. For keeping numbers to guys we barely remember the name of and from time to time even text them (fact: I have a number to a "brunette with dimples" in my phone book who I've met up with more than once). For not always wanting to be in a relationship. For being perfectly great on our own. And while we do that, let's also stop telling each other to be careful and instead telling each other to do whatever the fuck we want. Because men are awesome and we should enjoy them as much as we can. And who knows, maybe once or twice a challenge is completed and then that will be perfect. Or as Carrie would say: “Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free until they find someone just as wild to run with them.”

And you know, until then: fuck em’ and chuck ‘em.


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Veterans day and adios Sanna

Hi babies. I'm feeling extremely tired after a weekend of lots of drinks and lots of getting home too late. But it's been fun! Let's take a look.

We were off on Friday because of Veterans Day, so I met up with Nicole for breakfast in the morning. We went to a spot called Reunion and shared a avo toast and a massive pancake. Then we walked from Williamsburg to Bushwick in the sun and got each other up to speed on all our boys. We stopped at a vintage shop on Knickerbocker and touched some fur.

Then we walked along up to the Jefferson stop and a bit further where we waved at the apartment Nicole's moving into in a few weeks. It'll be nice to have my girl closer to me. Since it was 2pm and we were technically on vacation, we sat down at a bar called Boobie Trap on Irving Ave. The windows were open and the afternoon sun was bright.

A few hours and two beers later, we were in the mood for our Friday night to begin. So we went to my place, recharged on my bed for a few and then got ready to head out again. 

We went to Lower East Side to have dinner with Sara and Astrid. Like a true married couple they'd cooked us dinner and opened the wine bottles before we got there. Best couple dinner I've ever been to. We ate a delicious pasta and talked about everything from being bullied in school to the event Astrid and Sara hosted a few weeks back for their internship. When we were all full and drunk we went back to Brooklyn and hit up every bar in Bushwick and Williamsburg. Or at least that's what it felt like.

Yesterday I woke up with a bit of a headache which is not a big surprise. But after a slow day of hanging out in my bed and taking a short walk up to McCarren Park and back, I got ready for the night. There's no wasting time here. I dressed up in my prettiest top, from Staud, and jumped on the L to Bushwick where I was meeting up with Sanna and Jessica.

We went to King Noodle for dinner and drinks. The last time I was there I was nearly throwing up all over the bar, so it was nice to replace that memory with this one. Sanna, that idiot, is leaving town next week and what she did not know was that Jess and I had invited all of her friends to her apartment to surprise her. So we took our sweet ass time with drinks and then walked over to Sanna's to "change and have a few beers before going out".

I wish I had a photo from the surprise, cause it was probably the most successful one ever. We danced and drank and hugged and ate this beautiful cake. More and more people came and it was one hell of a party. 

Sara and I took this great photo together and around 2.30 the last troopers went to El Cortez to dance even more. Ended up getting a free cab ride home with Andreas and passed out as soon as I laid down in bed.

These weekends are killing me, but damn this city is fun.

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Q&A #3

Hi guys! I'm in bed sipping on a cup of coffee, slight hungover after a night of beer drinking and dancing last night. Coming up is the third part of the Q&A. Fashionnnnnn yes.

Jeans vintage Levi's 501, t-shirt Weekday and purse from H&M.

Jeans vintage Levi's 501, t-shirt Weekday and purse from H&M.

What do you think of when you go shopping?

I try to be smart about it, but it almost never works out. Often there is that one item that I want and I just go buy it online. But if I go to the stores, then I can go completely off the rails and get things that doesn’t go with anything I own. I really want to become smarter and more structured. Stick to a list for every season. Both for my own economy and the environment.

Who inspires you fashion-wise?

My friend Frida. Veronica Heilbrunner. All the skater boys in the city. Camille Rowe. Bianca Jagger. Just to name a few. I feel like it goes hand in hand with people's energy and personality. If I find them interesting, then the clothes become interesting too. It’s like an extension of the person.

Long sleeve top & Other Stories, jeans vintage Levi's 501 and keychain from the hardware store. 

Long sleeve top & Other Stories, jeans vintage Levi's 501 and keychain from the hardware store. 

Blouse H&M, jeans vintage Levi's 501.

Blouse H&M, jeans vintage Levi's 501.

How would you describe your style?/Tell us everything about your style and your thoughts on fashion!

Ever since I was a kid I've always been very interested in the fashion industry and everything around it. But as I've grown older it has evolved into a love-hate thing. I think the whole industry is fucked in so many ways, but the idea behind fashion is amazing and probably one of the most sincere art forms there are. I don't really keep up with designers or trends though and I don't care about being first with anything or getting the most hyped item of the season. But of course I am affected by trends, since it reflects on what's in stores. But I find myself getting so provoked when everyone buy into a trend or a brand that it makes me hate it. Like, the whole concept of logos is bullshit to me. It's like branding cows at a farm. 

Leather jacket Acne, black jeans Weekday.

Leather jacket Acne, black jeans Weekday.

That being said, wearing an Acne leather jacket is just as much of a "logo" as wearing a fucking Supreme t-shirt. You know what I mean? So I'm totally being contradictory. I just think that the idea of personal style is dead. There's no such thing. You can talk a big game about how you dress unique and you have "your" look, but truth is we're all in the same boat exchanging ideas and outfits. And also saying that you sound like an asshole, so don't.

My thing is I like fashion and clothes, but I hate thinking about it. It stresses me out and if I think too much I end up having a panic attack in front of the mirror. So a while back, I stopped. I've come to terms with what I feel comfortable in and what I look good in. I love to mix masculine and feminine, slouchy and tight. For an everyday look I always tend to go to my safe cards. Vintage Levi's jeans, tight turtleneck or t-shirt and sneakers. That’s my uniform. I don’t wear a lot of makeup and I don’t do anything with my hair. If it’s greasy I pull it back in a tight bun. The quicker the better. I like to keep it simple and then add a keychain or a pair of earrings or a scarf if I feel like it.

Vest Weekday, long sleeve top Uniqlo, jeans vintage Levi's 501 and sneakers Adidas Stan Smith.

Vest Weekday, long sleeve top Uniqlo, jeans vintage Levi's 501 and sneakers Adidas Stan Smith.

When I’m going out I keep the same silhouette, but I probably go for a darker pair of pants or a darker, sheerer, more revealing top. I don’t really like dressing up and prefer going out in sneakers over anything else. I want to be able to jump around and dance. And I'm tall with great legs, so I really don't see the point. But I like to spend a little more time on makeup, maybe add some eyeliner or a dark lip. And my hair just stays the same. 

Where do you get your clothes?

Probably where all of you get yours. H&M, Zara, Uniqlo, vintage stores. For designer brands I tend to go to either or Opening Cermony's webiste. They have all the brands in one place which makes it way easier.

Jeans vintage Levi's 501, blouse is a dress from Asos that I cut off and scarf I can't remember.

Jeans vintage Levi's 501, blouse is a dress from Asos that I cut off and scarf I can't remember.

Have you cut and colored your hair???

Yes! It was a while ago now, but cut it first and colored it a week later. I feel so much more like myself in darker hair, although I miss my length. But it was well needed.

When are you getting your new tattoo? (So stoked)

Soon!! Either like, this weekend, or I’ll wait till I go home for Christmas and get it done in Stockholm. I’ve gotten my tattoos in each country I’ve lived in, except from Sweden which feels unfair since it’s my home. So I think I might just get it done there.

Sneakers Adidas Stan Smith, jeans vintage Levi's 501, top from H&M.

Sneakers Adidas Stan Smith, jeans vintage Levi's 501, top from H&M.

Well, where is that top from.. So Nice!

The red t-shirt is from H&M's studio collection.

I really like your style! Have you found any winter coats you could recommend?

I got a black, long wool coat from H&M which is really nice and classic. I was also eyeing this dream of a jacket from Totême but it’s half a fortune so… Other than that I really like the classic North Face puffer jackets or a nice vintage shearling coat.

Vintage fake fur, jeans from & Other Stories and Converse.

Vintage fake fur, jeans from & Other Stories and Converse.

Do you dress each morning based on what you’re feeling for or do you plan ahead?

I never plan ahead, because I know that I won't stick to it. I'm very much a dress after mood kind of person.


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Go high


Yesterday is finally over. We’ve cried, taken a couple of deep breaths, screamed our lungs out in protests and had a night’s sleep. And today the sky is blue. Now is the time when we make art, write music, write essays and poems. And in four years, when this is (because I have faith it will be) over we’ll sit on a cultural gold mine which will work as a reminder of how most of us think this is total bullshit. And on our way there, as we create and educate ourselves and help other people, we will burst the bubble that we live in. The bubble of friends who all have the same opinions, the bubble of only reading the magazines you relate to, the bubble of only listening to the people who share your ideology.  We need to open up other books, click on other links, listen to someone new and that will make it easier to work against results like the one on Tuesday.

It’s hard. To live in a world that is greedy, mean and egoistic. But we can, and we are, making it a kinder place. I’m so sure of it. Even if it’s moving in slow-fucking-motion. And when in doubt, remember what Michelle said: “When they go low, we go high.”

First thing you can do to go high is donating to Planned Parenthood. Just fucking do it. Trump will most likely bar the organization from receiving $500 million dollars in federal funds which threatens their whole business more than we can think of. Planned Parenthood is vital in the fight for women’s rights and it’s now up to us to keep their doors open for anyone in the need of contraception. In the need of an abortion. In the need of cancer screenings. In the need of guidance and education. It’s up to all of us to let women in the US have the right over their own bodies and have them treated without being scared of their president punishing them for it. It’s not the time to be ignorant, to close your eyes just because this is not happening in your own country. It’s happening. That’s all we need to know. Now donate for crying out loud.

Here's a link to a New York Magazine article on how to donate to different organizations in need.

Be kind to each other. Be openminded. Be supportive.

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If only I could vote tomorrow.

I usually don’t write about politics here or on any other social channels, because let’s face it, I think it’s a snooze fest. I zone out as soon as I try to read about it, hence I know nothing. It’s terrible, I know. I wish I would just make myself finish the articles, but it seems impossible. Watching another episode of The Office or cleaning out my closet for the third time of the week always tend to be more appealing. But today, in spite of my nonexistent knowledge and ignorant attitude, I have to say something. I apologize in advance if I latch out. It’s not you. It’s a racist sexual harasser who in spite of all of his money can’t find a proper place to get a spray tan.

A couple of years ago, Donald Trump meant nothing to me. All I knew was that he owned buildings or something, fired people on TV and had really ugly hair. Oh, and of course that Samantha described Mr. Big as “the next Donald Trump, expect he’s younger and much better looking” in the first episode of Sex And The City. Boy, was she wrong. Anyway. Cut to today and he could end up being the president of the United States. Plot twist, huh?

I’ve lived in New York City for a year now. It’s a pretty shit city if you think about it. It’s dirty, it’s expensive as fuck (I have 45 bucks on my account as we speak and over a week left till paycheck), my apartment doesn’t heat up, the subway is crowded and full of germs, you feel lonely more often than you feel at home, you work more than you live and witnessing public urination is a natural part of getting your morning coffee. Yet, all these things considered, it is the best city on Earth. There is no way you could argue with that. Hell, I’ll even go out on a limb here and say it’s not a subjective question. It just is. I feel so much love for this city. I know it’s not a representation of the rest of the country, but it’s a demonstration of that there is hope. That living together with people from all over the world, learning from each other, working and celebrating together, is possible. That’s what New York is and that’s what more people, cities and countries should be.

Trying to convince someone who’s already decided to vote Trump, to vote Hillary feels impossible. People are egoistic and I know that. People vote for their own advantage, not for the rest of the country and definitely not for the rest of the world. That’s all there is to it. If you have money and don’t have to give a fuck about anything, then sure, Trump is a great choice. You guys can roll around in your dollaz and compare spray tan shades. I’m not writing this because I think I could change someone’s mind. No, this is more of a desperate action to get the sad and angry feelings that are raging inside of me out. I’m so fucking disappointed in the country I’ve dreamt of living in since I was a kid. The country I now live in. The country that has so much diversity, so much love, so much power. And how that country is failing all of that by letting a fucking loser get this close to being their leader.

I wish so much that I could vote. That I could make a difference, but I can’t. And honestly, my only relief is that I'm one of the lucky ones. Because if by tomorrow night there isn’t a female president in this country, then I can just jet off home to Sweden where we don’t believe in dividing countries with walls or grabbing women by the pussy. But I really don’t want to! I want to stay here. I like it here. You guys have delicious Chinese food, your taxi drivers are basically free therapists, your boys has the best tasting lips, I don't get judged for not doing my laundry myself, you have the pinkest sunsets. I've even learnt how to pronounce Houston the New York-way and not feeling like a total douche. I want to live here. In the best city on Earth. Please please please pretty please cherries on top America don’t let me down I beg of you.

I’m with her. I hope you are too.


One year anniversary

GUYS! I've lived in New York for a year! In honor of this mess of a city and my mess of a life I've compiled a post that might come down as the longest blog post in history. Summing up this year even though that's impossible. Never felt as much as I've done during this past year. Anyway. Ready? Let's go.

On 3rd of November I had dinner with my family, kissed them goodbye but wasn't that emotional since this has been my jam since like 2012. Goodbyes are just part of everyday life. Buh bye fam!

And then I was here. Crashed with Theresa and Lisa for a week and we had beers on their roof overlooking the skyscrapers. 

Finally I got to move into my apartment in West Village. I thought I would love living there but ugh. The area is lovely, but kinda boring in my opinion. Anyway, had the best roommates in three boys who would guide me through the mind of boys I slept with and pay for my dinner when I was broke.

I had dinner with these dreamboats. Momo, Louis and Ludde. 

It was Thanksgiving! Momo, Ludde, Lisa and I cooked this lovely feast in my apartment. Okay, Luds cooked and the rest of us took photos and smoked cigarettes.

And then we went to Le Bain and got drunk. Miss these three so much.

Emma came to visit! She was here with her family and took a day to hang out with me. 

And at Christmas my family came. I stayed with them at the hotel, it was 23 degrees and we spent the 6 days they were here drinking cocktails and eating fancy food. How lucky am I to have a family that's so much fun to hangout with?

The new year came and Sanna and I met up with our boy in Williamsburg. A few days earlier I had invited her to our delayed Christmas party with work and we ended up being snowed into my apartment due to a snow storm with two of my co-workers. All falling asleep with our hands in bags of chips. Took me about a week to get past that hangover.


In February I went home to renew my visa. Had reunions with family and such. 

Sanna sent me my American card that I accidentally left at Kinfolk with an open tab...


Went to London to celebrate Nicolas and Daniel's 30th birthday. 

We even went to Copenhagen for a bit. Had more fun than on any trip I've ever been on. 

Then I went back to New York and had vacation for 3 whole weeks. Kristiina was here and hung out with me (meaning eating food and drinking wine).

Before it got warm enough we were freezing after sundown on my friends' rooftops.

But during the days it was summer and I drank sangria, made out most of the time, caught up with friends I hadn't seen in a while. 

Lisa and I went to Callbox Lounge with Nico and Jonathon and got drunker than usual. FUN!

And before Kris went home summer exploded. 


When I weren't busy catching my breath from kissing, I chilled with these babies. Lisa and Sanna.

When I was home from work because of the gross virus impetigo I got really bored and cut bangs on myself. Turned out pretty cute though. 


Went down to the water with these two one night. 

Emma came to visit again! This time only to hang out with me for a whole week. The dream.

Had the most fun and ate a lot of hot dogs with this guy. 

Met my love Nicole for the first time! We were supposed to grab one beer but ended up hanging out till 1 am. If that's not love at first sight I don't know what is.

I turned 24 and had cocktails and dinner with my best people, Sanna, Nicolas, Ludde, Louis and Colby at Lucien. 

Had another round of impetigo and went to the doctors. Felt sorry for myself.

It was hot as fuck and I stripped down on my roof to catch some rays.

Nicolas and I went to The Brooklyn Museum and I related to this quote more than any of the art.

In August I went home to Sweden and hung out with my brother.

And a week after I got back my mom and brother came to hang out with me for a week!

I was drunk at a fancy restaurant in Midtown.

My boss' dog Leroy is the best little sausage who usually falls asleep on my feet. 

One day in early September I jumped on the train to Rockaway with some friends.


And then I moved into my new apartment with Nora and Stina! A lovely little three bedroom in south Williamsburg.

Life turned around a bit and I was miserable and couldn't stop crying one Sunday afternoon so Nicole got me drunk. <3

And then one day I decided that life is way more fun if you don't sit at home and mope so I went out and danced and made out with cute boys and had gin tonics every other night.

Toured bodegas with a drunk Nicole searching for the best deli sandwich. 

And spent lazy Sunday's with this star.

This fall has been fucking gorgeous with sunny warm days. Only two weeks ago I was having brunch with Nicole in the sun in Greenpoint.

And last weekend it was Halloween and I was Britney and it was the best night of my life. Almost. 

Here's to another year in this dream place. 

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Hi November.

November. Fuck. How can it be November already? I feel like we were sweating and sleeping without covers with all windows open just yesterday. But it’s November now. Deep fall. Almost winter. It’s getting darker and colder and we’re hiding out in bars or in our beds warming up with drinks or soup. Isn’t it kind of nice? I mean, sure, it’s so much easier when all you have to do is pull on an oversized t-shirt and get away with calling it an outfit. But there is something beautifully melancholic about seasons changing. I embrace the blueness that comes with it. Finally I don’t have to be so damn delightful, but instead listen to moody music write my heart out and stay up too late drinking whiskey in the back of a bar. Come at me in a month and I’ll be dying for some sun and lighter clothes, but as for now my mentality is working surprisingly good. 

So to continue in good spirits, here’s a list of good things that’s going on right now.

- Nicole and I have decided to go to California in March. I am so beyond stoked. We’ll fly to San Francisco where we’ll spend a couple of days walking the hills, eating the food, taking touristy photos in front of the Golden Bridge. Then we’ll rent a car and drive Highway 1 down to LA with a pitstop somewhere along the way. Preferably at a B&B with a view over the cliffs and the ocean. Because you know, I hear that Cali scenery is supposed to be pretty stunning. And then we’ll hang out in Los Angeles for 5 days or so. Rent a space in Echo Park, drive out to Malibu, go thrift shopping, drink Coronas at sunset. YEAH BUDDY.

- I rewatched ‘cherry’ the other day because Netflix was boring me out and who doesn’t like watching pretty boys on skateboards? Watch the Bill Strobeck for Supreme film here and enjoy the hotness and soundtrack.

- A pretty boy texted me a couple of nights ago saying he was a block away and wanted to say hi. So I went downstairs in my pajamas, freezing. We shared a cigarette and talked like we know each other but we don’t. His black leather jacket was warm from his skin as he put his hands with fingernails painted black around my back. Then we made out for ten minutes and he was smiling the entire time. I went back up to my apartment where my roommates were asleep and felt like a 15 year old who’d sneaked out from her parents.

- And last but not least. I’ve decided to buy a video camera. When Frida-My was here visiting me in January I got one and loved it. But then I didn’t really use it much and I ended up selling it to her. But now I want one again! I feel like I should just start capturing everything and compile it into little videos. Does anyone have any suggestions of what type of camera I should go for? I want to go for something quite cheap and shitty rather than putting up $$$ in case I lose interest again. We all know I’m not the most patient person. Still, very excited to have a new companion that I’ll bring with me everywhere.

How are you guys? Hope this fall is treating you well.

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Q&A #2

Hi! Are you good? Hope you're good. I am good, only my wisdom teeth are coming out and I literally feel like I'm giving birth to tiny devil babies in the back of my mouth. Hurts like fuck and it's hard to focus on anything else. Anyway. Let's do the second round of the q&a. Lot's of New York, school and work and future stuff. The next one I was thinking about doing as a video! Fun huh?

How come you moved from Sweden? Any tips for someone who wants to do the same?

I moved because of work. I’d studied abroad and just didn’t feel like coming home just yet. There was a job in New York and it just felt like the time was right to go. And I’m so happy I did! You should read Linn's tips on how to move abroad. She does it better than I would. It's in Swedish, but Google Translate.

Why NY?

Well, I always wanted to live in New York at one point. I love it here. And so I applied to the agency I work for now and it all worked out.

What other places have you lived and if you move again, where do you wanna live?

I’ve lived in Stockholm, London, Hamburg, Berlin and New York. I’d love to live in Copenhagen and maybe Barcelona. And at some point in Stockholm again. And I also feel like I would love it in LA.

How does one find good friends (especially when moving to a new country but also in general)?

Most of my friends in New York are through social media or friends of friends. I go on friend dates all the time and I love it. I’ve said it before, but I love when you guys hit me up. So keep doing that! It’s a great way to meet people.

Do you have a good job now as a copywriter and do you like it?

I have a great job! I honestly don’t think I could’ve gotten a better job, in a better place, right after graduation. The agency I work for is great and the people are awesome. I’m learning so much and get to work on fun projects, so it’s really rad.

Do you plan to stay in NYC?

Yeah, for a while. I mean, not my whole life but I’m also not leaving tomorrow. I really don’t think about it much and I think that’s a sign that it feels right in this moment. So yeah, as of now I’m staying.

What are the best and worst things about living in NY? Or basically Pros and Cons.

The best things are the diversity, the tempo, the food, the boys, the bars, the people. The worst things are the subway in the morning, cockroaches, the disgusting winter, rent, that it can get really fucking lonely.

What are the biggest differences between you as a Swede and your American friends/co-workers?

I think as a Swede, or Scandinavian in general, I can come off as shy and not as chatty as my American friends or co-workers. I still struggle a lot with the American small talk in the office kitchen or with a salesperson in a store. Like, my biggest fear is being a regular at a coffee shop and having to say more than “Hi, could I get a small iced coffee please?” to the person behind the counter. And that’s not because I hate people, it’s because those conversations are so intimidating to me. The biggest accomplishment in my American life so far is knowing how to answer “What’s up?” and being aware of the fact that the person asking doesn’t actually want to know what is up with me. They’re just saying hello. Massive breakthrough.

That is the biggest difference I think. Americans are so nice, so friendly, so talkative. However, they are SO difficult to get to know and be close with. I’m the complete opposite. Might come off as a bitch before you know me, but when you do you’re fucking in there. I rarely let people out if they’ve gotten into my little heart.

What did you end up doing at your internships from MAS?

It was different from each one. But I basically worked in the same way I do today to be honest. Only I always worked with an art director. Now I concept a lot on my own. But they were very hands on and our mentors expected us to jump into work right away. So we’d get a brief, then usually whoever I worked with we’d sit down by ourselves for a few hours and just write down thought starters and first ideas that popped up during the briefing. The we get together and talk about that and from there work our way to a few concepts with executions. Then usually a couple of days later we present those to our boss.

Could you make a Hamburg guide?

Maybe in the future but right now I have so many other things I want to write that it’s not my prio. But check out the tag Hamburg for all my posts from there:

Have you always known what you wanted to do? Or how did your thinking go around work and education?

Not at all. Me being in advertising is so random. I just knew I wanted to write and I wanted to study abroad and then it just kind of happened. But this was never my dream. I want to sing and travel and I don't know... Open up a shop and fill it with things I like and let my friends show their art and have parties there. But each thing takes its time. Right now I’m doing this and I like my job, so it’s great.


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Dreams do come true.

On Friday my life long dream of being Britney Spears came true. I got all stassed up in in hair extensions and this red plastic body suit while listening to Oops I Did It Again over and over again. If you've been living under a stone since 2000, here's what I was going for.

My baby Nicole came over with all the prosecco and we listened to all our favorite music while getting drunk and ready. Around midnight we jumped into a cab and went to China Chalet where the line went around the corner. I wanted to kill myself in my plastic suit that could be mistaken for a freezer, but we bonded with some people over cutters and all of a sudden we were in (read one and a half our later). 

We danced to techno remixes of Rihanna tracks, took a shot of gross tequila and smoked cigarettes by the tables. The place is a Chinese restaurant during the days that turns into a club at night where no rules seem to apply. It makes one hell of a party.

I found this dude who matched me and could've been my backup dancer. 

And another one! We became best friends and should hang out, in these outfits, all the time.

The lights went on sometime early in the morning and we jumped into a cab to go back to Brooklyn. Ended up eating noodles in bed and falling asleep as the big spoon. 

And Saturday started with a terrible headache, followed by brunch at Five Leaves followed by a stroll around East Village with this star. Ended the day with Dirty Dancing in bed with Stina, eating chocolate cake and drooling over Patrick Swayze. 

Q&A #1

I've spent this weekend without a voice, but luckily I can still type so here's the first round of Q&A. Hope you're having a good weekend! <3

How are you doing?

I’m good, thank you.

Favorite movies?

Dirty Dancing. Johnny & Baby forever.

Favorite people?

All my friends, lovers and family. And Jake Gyllenhaal.

What are your favorite songs at the moment?

Here are all my favorite songs right now!

What stuff do you read on the internet? Favorite blogs?

The tabs I open first thing everyday are The New York Times, Man Repeller, High Snobiety and Pitchfork. (And in case my bosses would read this: my e-mail, drive, slack and calendar.) When it comes to blogs… This might sound stupid because I’m writing one, but I’m not that into any right now. Of course I read my friends and a few ones that I’ve followed for a really long time. But I feel like everything is so staged and planned out and sponsored nowadays that they all look the same. I guess I’m mostly reading blogs from people that are in the same network so makes sense that they all go to the same places, get approached by the same companies for sponsorships and write about the same things. But honestly I feel like it’s kind of killing the beauty of blogging which used to be so diverse and personal. Now it just feels like I’m opening up a glossy magazine that’s so well thought through and curated. That’s not what I find fun and charming about blogs.

Favorite books?

I love biographies. Just Kids by Patti Smith, Life by Keith Richards. And I love On the Road by Jack Kerouac.

Describe your dream house/apartment/living space

I have two dreams. One is an apartment with high ceilings, massive windows and light wooden floors. Big balcony/terrace and on the top floor. Preferably in an old building so that there are old touches to the otherwise modern and sleek design. The other dream is a house, by the beach maybe, with a garden where I’ll grow tomatoes and avocados. It should be homey and cute and warm. Bikes leaning against the walls and stuff. This is the dream.

What were you like when you were younger?

A freckly, gap toothed kid who'd spent hours in front of her mirror singing If I Can Dream by Elvis followed by Oops I Did It Again by Britney (still know the dance). An older sister in every sense of the word. And still am. Emotional. Stubborn. Protective. As a kid I was happy. Spontaneous. I was the one who’d initiate trouble among my friends. I was very mean to my brother, but overprotective and his bff at the same time. As a teenager I was scared. Kind. Quiet. Loud. I was the kind of girl who was in the cool group, but not the girl the guys wanted to make out with. I was just tall and awkward looking. And sometimes a bit of a bitch.

What's your attitude towards drugs?

I think people should be able to do what they want. Since I moved abroad my attitude towards it has changed completely, because all of a sudden I was exposed to it. I don't take any, but I really don't care. You do you.

Any secret dreams that are not so secret you feel like sharing them here?

Oh many! Write a book, write an album, write a tv-show. Learn how to play the piano. Have sex with Jake Gyllenhaal. And honestly, when the time is right and all that - can’t fucking wait to be a mom and a wife and have a house and that whole thing. And get my drivers license!

What do you think/hope you & your life will be like when you're an old lady?

I hope I can look back at my life and be proud of myself. I hope I’ve lived to the fullest, said what I’ve wanted to say, done what I’ve wanted to do. I hope I’ve opened up completely, fully to someone and experienced what it feels like to have that person reciprocate. I hope I'm still curious and openminded. I hope I feel content and happy and that I still have my strong gut feeling that keeps guiding me through life. I hope I have fun!

The dream <3

The dream <3

What's your style when it comes to guys?

Charm is the most important thing. He needs to have a warmth in his eyes, you know what I'm saying? I want him to be funny, kind and confident. He has to love to make out with me, eat good food and listen to good music. I want him to teach me things. He should have a hobby, an interest. Doesn’t matter what it is, just that he cares about something you know. I love tall guys, brunettes, the ones who laugh the loudest, the ones who dress nice. Mmmm boys <3

What are you scared of?

Lately I’ve been thinking so much about how short life is. It scares me. The fact that I could be dead tomorrow scares me. Not the actual death part, but the  missing out on things part. Fuck.

How will it be between you and Linn and Daniel now that you're not dating his brother anymore? Won't that be awkward as fuck?

At first I didn't want to answer this because it's something that's not only personal and sensitive to me but also to someone who I really care about. But it is a weird situation when you guys read my blog, read Linn's blog and probably know and assume a lot of things. So what I will say is that all three of these people are really important to me. But the friendship I have with my best friend and her boyfriend is completely separate from my relationships. No matter who it's with. And I honestly think it's kind of sad how you're almost expected to hate on the person who breaks up with you and if you don't people think you are naive and fooling yourself. Every relationship is its own. They start in different ways and they end in different ways. And this particular one was with an amazing person who I will always have so much love for. I don't believe in throwing people away, just because you're not with them in the way you used to. He's a good one and you should keep the good ones close. If not literally then at least in your heart. So no. It won't be awkward as fuck. Now we let this go, okay?

What do you like the most and least about yourself?

Oh I love this! I like that I’m kind and that I care about people. I like that I’m at ease with myself, that I don’t feel the need to prove myself and that I genuinely think I’m a great person. And I say that as humbly as possible. I like that I’m brave and that I go after what I want. I like that I’m spontaneous and impulsive and driven by my emotions. It keeps things interesting.

I don’t like the fact that I’m so impatient. Waiting for things is THE WORST. Doesn’t matter if it’s the subway, a person, a text, a food delivery. I want it now. I need to work on that because I think it makes me take hasty decisions. I’m very impulsive. Which can be good, but you know. Sometimes thinking about something twice can be a good thing. And also I say the word hate way to much. “I hate this and I hate that”. 

I've never been on a date! And I'm scared because I'm going on one this weekend. Help!!!

Okay first of all good on ya! The best thing about going on a date is that you can just ditch if he’s/she’s a loser. I’m always a little nervous, that’s normal. But what’s the worst thing that could happen? I was on a date the other week where I felt like falling asleep the whole time and at the end of it he tried to kiss me, but instead I just patted his shoulder. It was awkward, but walking away from it I realized that I won’t see him again so who cares? It’s so much fun to meet new people and let them take you to new places you’ve never checked out before. And also, making out. Hubba hubba. 

How should a good friend be like?

A good friend is someone reliable. Someone who sticks to what they say and who doesn’t judge your decisions. Or, they can judge, but they still respect your choice. It’s someone who’s up for having fun and for not doing anything at all. And having a best friend that you can tell everything too without hesitation, that’s seriously the best fucking thing in the world.

Are you vegan?

Nope! I eat meat, but not very often. I try to stick to fish and veggies, but I’m not cutting anything out completely. Some of the best things in the world are cheese and eggs, so.


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I got a question that I felt required its own post, because it's important.

Hi. One of the things I love about your blog is how you express your great self esteem. Something I personally struggle with (and I suspect this is because of the fact that I am female - born in a patriarch society) is trusting my own voice. At the end of the day I almost always regret/review my statements throughout the day - was I wrong to say what I said / joke the way I did, did I express myself too boldly? It's not like this is a dominating part of my personality - I've always considered myself to have quite good confidence, BUT... I overthink a lot of things, and the common factor is that this almost exclusively happens after I've had conversations with men, and most often if they are strangers. I don't have the same great self esteem as my male counterparts. I ca walk away from home feeling great, and return feeling insecure. I guess my question is, how do you maintain your confidence when meeting new people? Do you ever lay in bed after a day of encounters - wondering if what you said was right or if it could be misinterpreted? You seem so strong, and I too would like to walk away from a meeting and not give a damn about how I might have been perceived. Could you give any advice on how to trust your own voice, and rock everyones (including your own) world?

Okay first things first. Yes. I have good self-esteem and I'm a confident person. But oh god, I am human. And a very emotional one too. I don't think there is anyone who isn't insecure once in a while, who doesn't think back on a day and wonder if they should've said that one thing differently. We're all these fragile beings with emotions and feelings and souls. And I think it's important to remember that it can be beautiful to be insecure sometimes. It keeps you humble. Anyway. Just wanted to get that out there.

Now, over to my *advice* which feels kind of silly to give since I have no idea what I'm doing. But I'll give it a shot. During the last couple of years I feel like I've really found myself. Saying it makes me want to gag a little, but it's true. Going to school and meeting so many different people from different backgrounds, moving around like a crazy person, building up a life in two different cities all by myself without knowing anyone, being far away from my best friends and family - it does something to a person. I've learned to deal with things by myself and I've been fucking lonely from time to time. And it has almost forced me into being at peace with myself, with being by myself. 

It's not easy. To hang out with yourself and have a good time. But the most important thing, in my opinion, is realizing one thing. Read carefully: the things that define you are your opinions, your feelings and your awareness. Not your job. Not how you perform in school. Not your amount of followers on instagram. Not if you're wearing the latest Gosha Rubchinskiy sweater. Not the people you hangout with, sleep with, are in love with. All of those things are just the cherries on top of your delicious sundae that aren't even really adding much to the flavor. And when I realized that, and actually believed it, was when I stopped wasting energy on the things that don't matter. And I'm not saying that I never worry anymore, or get sad or scared. But I think I'm pretty good at dealing with it.

We spend so much time at work, we spend so much time worrying about who we are to other people, we spend so much time in general. It drains us on energy and we forget what's important. I'm generalizing, but that's how it's been for me at least. I just really don't see the point in holding on to things or carrying around feelings or words that you really want to get out. I don't want to say don't overthink, because I'm the queen of it. But trust yourself and trust other people. Don't hesitate to speak your mind because you're scared about how they're going to react, because the truth is you have no idea.

I'll leave you with what a boy told me last weekend: It doesn't fucking matter. Nothing really matters. So just make the best of it. Be a good person. Speak your mind. Eat healthy. Stop biting your finger nails.

Couldn't agree more.


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